Day 71 – Boscastle to Port Isaac

Weather: 🌤

Feeling Today: 👍

So Far:  1,030.43 miles, 336:59 hours

Inspired by Dave’s reminder of Carl’s uphill, unassisted, legend-creating heroics, and fuelled by haddock and poached eggs, we left Boscastle – birthplace of the Iron Man – for a gentler walk in kinder, cooler weather. The bridge (and presumably also some of the cottages in the village) was rebuilt after the destructive floods of 2004.

We hit relative crowds in Tintagel, with some of the more adventurous venturing beyond the castle, home of King Arthur and his Roundtable.

The scenery today was breath-taking again – rolling, high and sheer cliffs and interesting bays and inlets; picturesque but difficult to access.

My toes were still hurting which necessitated some field surgery, but they’re now neatly wrapped up in Compede plasters – like pigs in blankets. Here you are, Sue, I know you’d want to see them really!

Just short of Port Isaac we came off the path at Port Gaverne to find our B&B above the village.  Di, our host, kindly gave Darren the challenge of a blow-up bed to set up on my floor and drove us into the village for a beer and dinner.

You’ll all know that Port Isaac is the location of ‘Portwen’ in the excellent long-running TV show, Doc Martin. I’d been quite excited about seeing some of the locations. Anyway, blow me – they were filming when we arrived!

There was Martin Clunes, Morwena, the son of the dodgy, fat restauranteur, the stupid policeman, and Caroline Catz, (one of the women I love, but sadly for some reason she was wearing a bad, fake beard …?!). It was fascinating to watch the filming and how they managed there being lots of by-standers. The crew and the actors were very patient and good sports whilst a large crowd gawped, photographed and jostled for prime viewing position.

Just after Darren took the photo below I came face to face with Clunes (on the left) as he was leaving the set. Slightly star-struck, I struggled for something to say, but came up with: ‘Very good stuff, Martin, we love your work‘. This made him laugh. He’s a great bloke – he’s been one of my heroes since ‘Men Behaving Badly’ and he’s in my top 10 list of ‘Blokes I’d like to have a beer with’!  He made a point of giving all the dogs around a stroke and was equally nice to the humans.


I was less tongue-tied with the actors for the group of street-wise teenage girls who are always walking past the Doc and, without fail, abuse him. They were very happy to pose for a photo and give me their standard ‘catchphrase’ in best Cornish accents; “You’re a tosser“. I was so chuffed!


You’d have thought there couldn’t be  any more excitement, but as soon as Doc Martin had cleared the slipway, everybody’s favourite sea-shanty combo, the celebrated ‘Fishermens Friends’, turned up to give an outdoor concert!  Just how much excitement can one stand in one evening in a Cornish village …! (To be clear, I was more excited by Clunes and co.)


Di has pulled a blinder and arranged for us to have breakfast and watch the third British Lions vs All Blacks test at a hotel in the village. After that I suppose we’d better do some walking ….

11 thoughts on “Day 71 – Boscastle to Port Isaac

  1. One of your best blogs Chris – except for the “toe” pic! Fabulous scenery and celebrities too! Is that a customary beer you are holding when star struck ?? What a coup arriving there on the day of filming and live music on the beach! One to remember.


  2. Couldn’t swing part as an extra then! Shame. I’ll certainly watch the show with the bearded lady when it comes out.


  3. Fresh from a day at Lords, so please take into account……never watched Doc Martin but brosdly sounds good; ;general comment iis that Chris’s achievements exceed guff about celebs, albeit Clunes a good bloke.?


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