Day 70 – Bude to Boscastle

Weather: 🌤 then ☁️🌫

Feeling Today: 😖👣

So Far:  1,015.79 miles, 331:12 hours

Why would you expect the severity of the walking on the SWCP to change overnight at an arbitrary end/start point?! The stretch today was pretty much as challenging as yesterday’s. I’ve been telling people for years that Hartland Quay to Bude is the toughest stretch but I think I’ll now revise that to Hartland Quay to Boscastle.  Fortunately a fresh breeze and a sea mist (or haar?) in the afternoon moderated the strength and heat of the sun and that helped.

My feet have been functioning well for several weeks – a couple of months really – but in the last 48 hours my small toes on the right foot have been painful. This must stem from all the climbing (and worse, the descents). It started with a blister on my fourth toe (‘the little piggy that had none’) but there’s now one on the bottom of the smallest toe that’s very hard to cover or strap.  My socks and boots are disintegrating but will get me to the finish.

We left Bude in bright sunshine, waterproofs consigned to the bottom of the bag again, but by the beach at Widemouth a slight haze was in the air.  There were more walkers about today.

By Crackington Haven (with 870 metres of ascent by lunchtime), the mist was blowing in off the sea and we missed the best of the views as we approached Boscastle.  It was getting on as we arrived and we had to give the Museum of Witchcraft a miss ….

It was a day of milestones:  Darren and I took a rest on this bench which marks 500 miles from the start of the SWCP at Poole. I also passed through my MILEnnium and now have a last week to go. I’m getting weary and I think this wolfhound knows how I feel:

Out of the blue, a neat wood pile at Crackington Haven. Agnetha seems a long time ago …


Thank you for your comments which support, encourage and amuse me. As long as GCHQ hasn’t closed the blog down beforehand, you’ve only one more week of my meandering ramblings. Stick with it!

9 thoughts on “Day 70 – Bude to Boscastle

  1. I have a very clear memory of this stretch on FBW first time around, as I organised it….it was 18 miles, largely in the rain. Boscastle being a two tier village and our B&B being at the top end didn’t go down well with the team…..a taxi was involved with only Carl walking up the village….that’s where the Iron Man was born.
    Not sure what your new nickname is after the MILEenium but we’ll work on it. I am confident it won’t be as respectful as it deserves to be…..


  2. Good on you, Chris! I’ve been following you since Invermoriston and was so pleased you were able to continue despite those shin splints!! It has been an amazing trip for you and the miles you’ve travelled are incredible! It’s hot at the north of Oz but despite that I’m heading off on a walk in Litchfield NP-rough and rugged country!! All the very best to you & your family & support buddies!


  3. Hey MILEenium Man! Well done. Please spare us pictures of your woeful tootsies – I’m sure they are a sight for sore eyes. The dog is a doppleganger for my Billy! Keep hobbling, the Land’s end is in sight!


  4. Are they the lost walker of Budes poles? Very famous myth surrounding a walker who was nearing the end of his long and lonely sojourn. He was sat down thinking about all he had achieved and began to wonder what was next.
    Not arriving at a satisfactory concluaion he closed his eyes to enjoy the late afternoon sun and cogitate further.
    He must have dozed for longer than expected for he awoke with a start in the dead of the night.
    Knowing he needed to complete his journey he promptly set iff into the night, forgetting to take his walking poles with him, never to be seen again.
    He may ocassionally be seen on the path and is easily recognised by his wiggling gait and bearded catweazle looks.
    The only reminder of the lost walker being the poles left in situ at his last resting place.
    Hope you did not move them as the story goes that the one who does will be doomed to forever walk the footpath from Hartland Quay to Boscastle seeking the original owner!!!!


  5. Memories of this stretch are littered with sweat and swearing , last FBW we met a couple of fibbers coming the other way who grossly underestimated the distance and severity of our remaining hike to Boscastle . Well done mate you are nearly there .


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