Day 69 – Hartland Quay to Bude

Weather: ☀️

Feeling Today: 😎😛

So Far:  997.54 miles, 324:16 hours

Well, a strenuous day that I’ve been waiting for with a certain trepidation and that is nice to put behind me.  This is the stretch that makes FatBlokesWalking quake in their (walking) boots, with lots of ups and downs across the rocky Hartland outcrop.

It was not as tough as I’d remembered which was probably in part due to the lovely, bright weather and in part due to the fact that I’d had ten weeks and 950 miles or so to prepare for this …. I also had a pace setter in Darren who’s younger, lighter and fitter than us FatBlokes.

There was no rush and plenty of opportunities to stop and take in the great views up and down the coastline.  We passed several little isolated bays like Welcombe where a few more adventurous families were enjoying the sea.

We passed the landmark of the writing hut of Ronald Duncan, poet and playwright, before crossing a small stream and passing into Kernow – Cornwall, my last county and the one I’ll spend most days in. A local couple asked us how we felt about leaving England behind. I didn’t have the stomach for a discussion on Cornish independence – perhaps we should have a referendum on it ….

The pretty village of Morwenstow offered a lunch stop-off and alternatives of the Bush Inn or the Rectory Tea Rooms. We didn’t get as far as the pub and the tea rooms were excellent – you should visit, Dave!  I’d kept my eye out for a cheese scone for some time and what arrived was substantial – two scones, three cheeses and a couple of my ‘five a day’. My intake of fruit and veg has improved recently – at times I’ve been down to ‘five a week’ and that’s if sag aloo counts …

We pressed on in the heat and tackled another three of the ‘bigguns’, before Bude came into sight.  We passed the GCHQ installation and its array of dishes and ‘mushrooms’.  (Apparently this is where internet traffic is screened on behalf of both the UK and USA, but we’re not meant to know that and I didn’t tell you …)

The town of Bude always seems quite spread out and we took another 30 minutes or so to cross busy beaches, amenity areas and the sea lock to the old canal to get to our accommodation on the south-side.

Tomorrow there’s more tough but picturesque walking, more sunshine and heat, more familiar names and conjuring up of memories …. There’s also the MILEnnium!


8 thoughts on “Day 69 – Hartland Quay to Bude

  1. You do realise that by mentioning GCHQ you are now under surveillance by GCHQ.
    And yes there is allegedly a feed from the transatlantic fibre / copper / etc network into the GCHQ centre allowing access to all voice/data traffic across the Atlantic.
    CIA, NSA and GCHQ will deny this.
    Hopefully I have used enough key words to get you on a list somewhere.
    All we need now is for someone to mention the River Isis and it will all go horribly wrong!!! Oops.


  2. Wow….great photos and some familiar sights….the hut; the small bridge etc. Wonderful stretch apart from the actual walking……


  3. Absolutely amazed at what you have achieved and your joggle blog has been so informative! The photos you have uploaded have helped me relate to your surrounding! Thank goodness we don’t have smell a joggle!


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