Day 68 – Westward Ho! to Hartland Quay

Weather: ⛅️ then 🌀

Feeling Today: πŸ‘ and πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ‰

So Far: Β 980.04 miles, 317:36 hours

Henry had told us about a car park at Westward Ho! that a local businessman had acquired when the Council wanted to introduce charges. We passed it as we left the village, along with this ‘project’.

The walking to Clovelly was typical South West Coastal Path – well-used and maintained paths through a mix of cultivated fields and scrub, light and shade, up and down, on the cliffs with occasional short sorties inland. Β The horseflies were out and biting.

Not many walkers, but we hit the crowds in Clovelly village at our mid-way point, dodging (or joining?!) the day-trippers struggling with the unforgiving cobbles, the steep descent and the climb back up.

Totally unprompted by us, and presumably looking at Darren and me and concluding we weren’t up to the challenge ahead …, the barman at the New Inn advised us to take a diversion inland. Well, why not?! Β This took us along some empty country roads running inland from, and parallel to, the path and was welcome easy walking. Before leaving the views back towards Saunton and Westward Ho!, the brightening sun gave us a glimpse of Morte Point, the headland at Woolacombe.

Lundy island was now in all our views out to sea. The helipad for the island is at Hartland, a speedy alternative to the ferries from Ilfracombe and Appledore.

Where we rejoined the coast path we were given a taste of the sharp ups and downs we’ll face tomorrow. The bells of Stoke church were ringing to welcome us as we approached Hartland Quay, an old harbour and now an important stop-over on the SWCP.

The hotel and pub have improved enormously from when I was here previously with FatBlokesWalking – an infamous evening of Tribute-fuelled buckaroo. Darren and I ate outside as the sun descended, lighting up the dramatic folds in the cliff rocks. Β I had Beef Madras and Tribute – but no buckaroo, Jon.

I think the ‘Map My Walk’ app on my phone surpassed itself today in overstating our mileage – by 5-10% maybe. We did over 20 miles certainly but not 23.81 I suspect. Not much I can do now but continue to use it as I approach 1,000 miles – the MILEnnium ….


6 thoughts on “Day 68 – Westward Ho! to Hartland Quay

  1. Surely your app is likely to be most accurate because it takes account of all the little wiggles in your walk. That’s in your route, not your gait.


  2. Finely caught up on all your exploits! Can’t believe you are so nearly there. Good luck for the remaining few days.
    Judith Tallis


  3. I was just about to say the mileage is well in excess of FBW numbers, but your IT kit appears to be cheating. Great photos and good to hear of improvements to hotel…..our first visit was when we encountered a snooty Fawlty-esque manager, without the humour/Spanish waiter.
    Good luck tomorrow….I am sure it will be easier without my grunting/swearing up the hills……Go for the 1,000 !(miles, not Tributes)…..In the words of Richie Benaud ‘Good effort out there’.


  4. The 7 &&&&s await , best of luck to you and Darren , if you hit the thousand mile mark in Bude then a foaming pint ale may be in order .


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