Day 66 – Brayford to Barnstaple

Weather: ☀️

Feeling Today: 😎

So Far: 941.98 miles, 305:52 hours

We left Swiss Cottage in lovely sunshine for Bev to drop me off in Brayford for today’s half-day walk.

The rural roads and the paths through wooded valleys and farmland that I followed make up part of the Tarka Trail. The walking was easy with a gentle descent towards Barnstaple and the Taw estuary, passing little of note but the smallest farm shop in Devon …..

The coast and Bristol Channel were occasionally visible in the distance and it was not far out of Brayford that I came across a house called ‘Lundy View’. Pretty optimistic I’d have thought, and it might have needed the house name to be caveated with ‘Using a Telescope’ or ‘From the Roof’ to be an accurate description …

I came into, and through, Barnstaple  via its suburbs, retail parks and a cycle path on a disused railway to reach the train station on the west side. It was all reassuringly familiar.  Henry and I will meet Darren, a fellow waster, off the Exeter train tomorrow lunchtime.

Another evening in Woolacombe with a visit to the Red Barn with Bev and Henry.  I’m now telling people I’ll see them again in a fortnight so the end of my adventure feels close. However I shouldn’t forget that the remaining 150 miles or so (which I know relatively well) includes some of the toughest walking on the whole walk. Beware, ‘familiarity breeds contempt’!

3 thoughts on “Day 66 – Brayford to Barnstaple

  1. Glad to see weather immediately improved after I stopped walking with you. I’ll let everyone know in advance next time I plan 3 days walking, so you can book all your outdoor activities for the week before and after safe in the knowledge the sun will be blazing!

    Keep on walking and blogging.


  2. Don’t forget the nickname for the 7 ascents before Bude …. Be afraid , very afraid . Apart from that it’s all going rather well


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