Day 65 – Wheddon Cross to Brayford

Weather: 🌀 🌬

Feeling Today: πŸ‘ and πŸ‰πŸ˜€

So Far: 929.37 miles, 302:21 hours


Some late posting going on due to socialising and lack of wifi.

Mike, Dave and I started the day with the rugby in the Rest and Be Thankful with a good number of villagers – a welcome result but let’s remember there’ll be 15 All Blacks on the pitch again next week! Β We said our goodbyes and I topped up with Jelly Babies, a sandwich and some Snickers and strode off towards Dunkery Beacon.

The weather was a contrast to yesterday; bright, dry and sunny, albeit a bit windy on the exposed slopes. Climbing up onto the Dunkery moorland the paths were initially quite busy with day-trippers and groups of weary and not entirely happy DofE school kids, but these soon thinned out.

Tired of tramping across moor, noticing that there was little traffic on the roads, and aware of my rendezvous with Bev, I altered my route to walk on more roads and less of the Macmillan Way. This took me via Simonsbath, which comprises little more than a hotel, pub, church and a few cottages but appears more substantial on maps because it’s surrounded by emptiness.

There were good views over the farmed valleys and higher moorland, and occasions to stop and stare were rewarding.

Brayford is another village that we’ve been driving past for years without having a proper look. It’s a pretty place and a gateway onto Exmoor. I’d felt as if I was already in God’s County, Devon, once Dave and I climbed onto Exmoor yesterday, but in fact more than two-thirds of it lies in Somerset.

Bev picked me up in Brayford, foot-sore and tired, and drove me to Woolacombe where I’ve been able to do a full and timely kit-wash. Β Bev kindly brought me some shorts and a tee-shirt but no underwear, so I’ve had to ‘go commando’ whilst here. Fortunately the shorts are pretty baggy and I haven’t embarrassed myself or scared anyone. Β It’s been nice to sleep in a familiar and comfy bed.

5 thoughts on “Day 65 – Wheddon Cross to Brayford

  1. Stunning scenery! No spare clean “grundies” Bobby?? Surely you could have sourced a pair of “speedos” from the Woolacombe beach shop to wear under your baggy shorts??


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