Day 64 – West Bagborough to Wheddon Cross 

Weather: ☁️ and a bit of 🌬🌫 late on

Feeling Today: 😴

So Far: 908.34 miles, 295:49 hours

Today was a long walk with 1,500 metres of ascent. The 1st of July also marked the fourth calendar month of my adventure – I started at John O’Groats at the end of April.

I don’t know if it’s been Dave’s influence, but for my last couple of breakfasts I’ve succumbed to a sausage, (against my better judgement but swayed by the instinct of a ‘good-sausage B&B’ – we all know the sort), and this was sitting a bit heavily as we set out. However we had a nice easy start on good paths and minor roads along the base of the Quantocks through the lovely villages of Triscombe and Crowcombe. Note to self: come back and visit the Blue Bell at Triscombe.

We then left the Quantocks behind and crossed a valley onto the Brendon Hills, effectively the start of Exmoor, passing under the West Somerset railway at the right time to catch its steam engine pulling backwards.  The walking was mainly on quiet roads but we crossed enough fields of wet grass to give our boots a good flush through and to ensure we had wet feet for the rest of the day…..

Roadwater was our target for lunch and we knew it stopped serving at 2pm so, under time pressure, we walked fast and determinedly, now following the Coleridge Way. We marched into the Valliant Soldier and presented our order at 1.50. Phew, and fresh socks too!

Dave and I left the landlord to concentrate on his Countdown and pressed on westwards along the Coleridge Way, neither of us able to recite any of his work (Coleridge’s, not the landlord’s).

The landlord’s verse:

A short lunchtime is my wish.

In a micro-waveable dish,

No matter whether meat or fish,

Or even macaroni cheese,

It always comes with chips and peas.

Another consonant, Rachel, please.”

Coming over Lype Common on unconvincing paths we were in the cloud and it was blustery and, for the first time, a bit chilly. We wrapped up with another layer and there was a feeling of dusk as we descended into Wheddon Cross.

Next door to our B&B is the brilliantly named pub, the ‘Rest and Be Thankful’.  Which is what Dave and I did of course, giving our B&B host a cheery and relieved wave and the international sign for ‘we’ve walked a long way and we’re going to have a quick beer – even though we’re wet and smelly – before we book in with you and shower etc’.  We met fellow Exeter alumnus, Mike, who’d done his own walk and was staying at the pub. We had a fun evening exchanging walking stories!  In the morning we’ll watch the Lions game and then we’ll all set off, Mike and Dave by car back home, me on foot and alone again.  But Bev will meet me at the end of today’s walk in Brayford and deliver me to Woolacombe.

A good day for nice doors:

But a bad one for woodpiles:


7 thoughts on “Day 64 – West Bagborough to Wheddon Cross 

  1. Thank God for this late post was suffering withdrawal symptoms, losing track of time and afraid we may have killed you off!
    Are you scouting potential property purchases for the less tall – mentioning no names?


  2. Thinking of you Chris from our sunbeds in Zante very hard work but not as much as yours – all the best Capt xx Les and Anne


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