Day 57 – Pandy to Monmouth

Weather: ☁️ 🌬

Feeling Today: 👍

So Far:  788.74 miles,  257:53 hours

Today was a straight forward walk without the challenges of the heat and the ‘switchbacks’ (the steep climbs) of earlier in the week. Jo, Guy, Basil and I were all tired at the end of the day, regardless of my suspicion that my ‘map my walk’ iPhone programme overstated the mileage of the walk which should have been 17 or 18 miles.

The walk was fairly flat and gently meandered through fields of grazing, potatoes, maize etc, interspersed with short stretches of rural roads, some jumpy herds of cattle, and walking alongside the River Trothy.  We were travelling more west to east than north to south, a rare direction for my walk.

We stopped at the church of St Cadoc in Llangattock which is white, and also at the White Castle a few miles further on which is not.  At the church we could see a 15th century mural depicting St George which has recently been uncovered after 450 years.

The White Castle was one of Edward the First’s, used to conquer and control the Welsh. We missed Tony Robinson and a Channel 4 film crew by 24 hours. Look out for Robinson’s programme about Offa’s Dyke later in the year.

We had a nice rest and ate our picnic in an apple orchard. It was breezy and any threat of rain didn’t materialise.

As is often the case, the last couple of miles through King’s Wood and Monmouth’s extended suburbia dragged a bit and it was good to reach our pub accommodation – one Basil-friendly, one less-so. Paul was on his way to join us for a Friday evening in Monmouth and the walk to end the Offa’s Dyke trail in Chepstow tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Day 57 – Pandy to Monmouth

  1. So Sir Tony Robinson was in the area the day before ? Pretty sure he’s a bit of a lefty , so Chris lock him in the dungeon of the castle if you can lay hands on the blighter again.


  2. Comment is a bit late…..but cunning plan from Jos re. T. Robinson. It’s an apolitical blog but Jos is 100% right on Baldrick’s leanings…..


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