Day 56 – Hay-on-Wye to Pandy

Weather: ☁️🌫

Feeling Today: 👍

So Far: 769.05 miles, 251:52 hours

I wish my Rambling Rector was doing this:


Guy and Jo came over from Cirencester and we all set off on the climb out of Hay, with Basil the retriever leading the way. The sun was nowhere to be seen, and for this once I was pleased. Guy took over selfie duties – he has long arms !

We left the Wye valley behind – for the time-being – as we headed up to the Hatterall Ridge that marks the border between England and Wales. (It was also the film location for the opening sequence – think The Slaughtered Lamb – of American Werewolf in London). A few miles in, Jo turned back for coffee and a look around Hay and Guy and I continued into the low-hanging cloud. Basil decided he would come with us.

The cloud got us damp and denied us views into the valleys on either side, but the walking was on clear paths and easy, as Guy and I set the world to rights.

It was on the long and gradual descent along the ridge that the cloud began to lift and we could enjoy our first glimpses into the charming patchwork fields of Herefordshire (to our left) and the more austere Welsh hills (to our right).  Shadow and dullness gave way to some areas of sunshine in the distance below. We could see a long way and the views must be far-reaching and tremendous on a clearer day!


Basil kept up our pace and there was time for a cooling dip in a peaty pond, a sandwich and a roll-up. (We didn’t all have all of these).

The descent into Pandy was welcome, though somehow we managed to miss Jo who had climbed up to meet us. Just before our B&B destination Basil could have a swim and wash. He’s fine company, but it’s difficult not to sound like Prunella Scales when calling him ….

5 thoughts on “Day 56 – Hay-on-Wye to Pandy

  1. 8 weeks of walking ✅ 3 weeks to go, seems to have flown really. It might be hard for you to wake up in the morning and not walk. Perhaps when you come home, you might like to take on the odd dog walk each week…. just a thought…..


  2. That is a huge amount of tobacco Guy has with him – how large was his roll-up?
    Your pack also seems rather large – have you been burnishing the truth about the amount of underwear you have had access to?
    As for the Rambling rector I had to read that twice to make sure I was reading it correctly.


  3. Congrats Chris!! You look a little like Jeff Lynne without the sunglasses 🤔 although somehow he doesn’t have a grey hair yet!!


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