Day 53 – Brompton Crossroads to Knighton

Weather: ☀️

Feeling Today: 😅😎again

So Far: 719.67 miles, 235:15 hours

Wow, what a scorcher!  I chose (well, not really) a punishingly hot day to do my toughest day’s walking so far. There was little respite – only occasional shade that had to be shared with the sheep, nowhere to stop on the way, and no or negligible breeze, even on the higher areas.  Whereas I had a sheen of sweat and oils yesterday, today it was more a double gloss varnish. The whole day had no let-up, and with my water exhausted before I finished.


The route was truer to its name today, with the walking alongside Offa’s Dyke or on the ridge (eastern/English side) or even in the ditch (western/Welsh side) or with it at least in view. This included its highest location on Llanfair Hill (at 432 metres) where it looked its most complete, preserved and impressive and was not hidden or damaged by trees.

The six or seven ascents and descents were tough, reminding me of the seven (ahem) ‘hard ones’ between Hartland Quay and Bude that the FatBlokesWalking have struggled with twice. (And which I’ll reach in a fortnight or so – get ready Darren!). My GPS tells me 1,116 metres of ascent today and must be similar amount of descent.

I see most of the walk today was in England, not that I realised at the time – the sheep all look and baa (and taste) the same. But I’ve just come back into Wales this evening on entering the very English-sounding Knighton. (It had to be given a Welsh name in 1971; Tref-y-Clawdd, ‘town on the dyke’).

Knighton seems a nice vibrant place, even on a Monday. I’m staying at the Red Lion which is a bit ‘gastro’ but is closed today.  I’m the only guest so I have the place to myself til tomorrow morning – party anyone? Honesty bar is open but you’ll have to get here quick!

That’s the Trumpton tower isn’t it?!

I found most of my accommodation on the internet through, trip advisor, google search etc. What I’ve realised walking around is how much other accommodation is available that I wasn’t aware of. It’s another example of how the internet (which was meant to liberate, inform and empower the individual, I recall?) has in fact/practice constrained choice and information and concentrated ‘control’ in the hands of a few players.

11 thoughts on “Day 53 – Brompton Crossroads to Knighton

  1. Thought Clun would have been worth a visit just for the comedy value. Although its wiki entry (empowering; informative or fake news?!) suggests it might be a bit wicker man – “Over the three days of the first May bank holiday every year, the Green Man festival is held. On the bank holiday Monday the Green Man enters Clun to battle the spirit of winter at Clun Bridge and a May fair is held in the grounds of Clun Castle with a May Queen”


  2. Clun sounds fun.
    Hope the wicking capability of your underwear is operating as designed given the weather.
    How are you getting ready for your bridge crossing?


  3. Well done on completing those ‘tough ones’….sounds like a very hot day with no break.
    Disappointing lack of tourist selfie with your feet in two countries….you need to take this blog downmarket to keep your readership up !


  4. Still following you from Seoul! Well done Chris. Hope you are getting a chance to see the rugby. I am heading to NZ for the 1st test on Saturday.


  5. Have you been able to get a good nights kip in all this heat matey , or did you find the switch to turn on the Red Lions air-con ? Rehydrating every morning is a lesson well learned during Fatblokes weekends .


  6. I didn’t realise Chris Bonington was one of your “other friends”! I feel a straw panama would be more suitable for the current conditions.


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