Day 52 – Pool Quay to Brompton Crossroads

Weather: ☀️

Feeling Today: 😅😎 et en marche!🇫🇷

So Far: 702.88 miles, 228:43 hours

Today I stuck to the ‘official’ route which followed numerous field boundaries and the Dyke itself, Offa’s own I think…. In some places the ditch and mound are still very clearly defined.

I by-passed the towns of Welshpool and Montgomery and walked through the site of some of the bloodiest fighting during the Civil War, with Cromwell coming out on top and forcing his way into Wales. The high point of today, in every sense, was the Iron Age fort of Beacon Ring which entailed a good climb of nearly 400 metres but gave some far-reaching views (which would be better if the trees were felled).

A second day of hot, still sunshine is both uncomfortable and tremendous. My legs are covered in nettle stings, scratches and two infuriatingly itchy horsefly bites, whilst the rest of me (and also my gadgets) has been smothered in a damp, slightly sticky sheen of sun tan lotion, sweat and insect repellant.

My accommodation is beyond Brompton Crossroads so a long day today. A shorter but tougher walk awaits tomorrow.

Here’s my Father’s Day card – apparently showing me doing one of my selfies. Is this a comment on the size of my nose and why am I flicking a V sign?!

6 thoughts on “Day 52 – Pool Quay to Brompton Crossroads

  1. Clear blue skies, beautiful scenery what more could you want. Well done, bit of a scorcher yesterday and no doubt again today. Card very apt!!


  2. Well done – you’re edging ever closer to the West Country! Hope you are wearing some suitable “headgear” in this scorchio weather!


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