Day 48 – Tarporley to Whitchurch

Weather: 🌤

Feeling: 😎

So Far: 628.33 miles, 205:12 hours

A really nice day today with a more interesting walk than yesterday and again super weather – lots of opportunities and reasons to stop and sit and stare….

Tracks through fertile fields of spuds, cereals, maize and pasture, as well as varied livestock and breeds, were interspersed with a few climbs onto the wooded Sandstone ridge.

Early on I crossed over the Shropshire Union canal, which I’d see more of later in the day, and passed under the west coast mainline (like an old friend that I first bumped into in Scotland and have criss-crossed with occasionally since).

The prominent escarpments are obvious locations for defences – Beeston (in ruins) and Peckforton castles are still there, others not.

The elevations onto the ridge give super views across the prosperous Cheshire plain – back towards the chimneys, cooling towers and wind turbines of the Mersey, west towards the Welsh hills (the start of Snowdonia, I guess), and east towards the Pennines apparently.

I messed up lunch planning and wrongly assumed there’d be somewhere to stop along the 20 miles or so. There wasn’t, and lunch was a brief sun-bathed snooze in a field with my shoes off. I had enough water but the biltong was finished and I was down to my last emergency biscuit.  I was looking forward to the Willeymoor Lock Tavern but it was closed and I had to wait until Grindley Brook, hot thirsty and hungry, before I could get anything.

Is it just me or does “capiche?” in this notice infer some sort of threat?  Anyway, the idiot dog walkers or runners hadn’t capiched (or capeeshed?) and there was an untidy pile of dog-poo bags heaped provocatively below the sign. Disgusting, selfish and ignorant!


The last few miles were along the towpath to the Llangollen branch of the Shropshire Union canal – a chance for more bridges for you, Sue – and then through suburban new-builds into  Whitchurch town centre.

I had just two days in Cheshire – two very enjoyable days. Tonight I’m in Shropshire. Tomorrow I’ll be in Wales….

Horrified by the fire in London. In the waste industry we were continuously under tough scrutiny – quite rightly – from HSE and others regarding fire risk. The danger to life, in terms of numbers of people potentially exposed and the likelihood of death/access to escape routes, at our facilities was on another scale to hundreds of adults and children living in a tower block. I can’t believe what I’m hearing about this building, its fire precautions, and the disaster.

4 thoughts on “Day 48 – Tarporley to Whitchurch

  1. Has that farmer spray painted a green line across his field for you to follow?

    I was also a bit surprised that you think that some runners are carrying around bags of dog poo to leave at the sign! 🙂

    Walk again looks stunning. Fantastic weather still – you timed your exit from further north well. Cheers


  2. Ditto on runners/poo bags….surely not ?!
    You appear to be almost doing a county a day…plus Wales in sight.
    Are you now running ? (see above).
    Looks beautiful.
    Unbelievably, we have 3 employees living in that tower block…two currently unaccounted for…an extremely difficult situation for the families….horrific and it sounds like issues were raised in advance.


  3. Beautiful pictures. The scenery is improving as you move South. Good mileage covered today. Well done. Guess you “troughed” again last night after your lack of lunch??


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