Day 46 – Widnes to Frodsham

Weather: ☁️

Feeling: 😨🎢 (that’s a bridge)

So Far: 589.45 miles,  193:04 hours

Here we go again!  Freshly and brutally shorn, I had a good train journey back to Widnes this morning. 

It was another urban walk from Widnes station, through Runcorn, and out into the Cheshire countryside at Frodsham where I pick up the start of the Sandstone Trail tomorrow morning. The route was pretty unpleasant, the highlight of which, if a highlight can be negative, was crossing the Mersey on the Runcorn-Widnes Jubilee bridge.

I don’t have a good head for heights and in addition I suffer from ‘high-place phenomenon’, so the bridge crossing was nerve-wracking. I put my iPod on at top volume and joined in at the top of my voice, which is difficult when you’re also gritting your teeth ….

‘High-place phenomenon’ is an unnerving feeling that makes you think you want to jump from a high bridge or building. It’s quite common and doesn’t mean that you’re suicidal or mad (I think!).  It comes from a difficulty or confusion in the brain when it’s processing instinct, danger and logic.  It’s an odd sensation – it meant I couldn’t cross a pedestrian bridge over the M6 and yet it didn’t stop me parascending to 2,000 metres over Pokhara in Nepal with Genevieve, albeit when strapped to an assertive Russian called Vlad.


After the Mersey the remaining crossing for me is over the Severn in a couple of weeks. Having read some accounts of crossings on the M48 bridge (the old one), I’ve already decided I won’t be walking across it. And I don’t care what anyone says!

Tonight I met Jon and Rob, fellow ex-WRG wasters, for dinner; Jon lives in Frodsham, Rob in Chester. We talked rubbish of course.


7 thoughts on “Day 46 – Widnes to Frodsham

  1. What your really saying is you have a soft spot for men of authority.
    If you need me to hold your hand as you cross the Severn just give me a call.
    I will be as assertive as I can and even speak with a thick accent if it helps.
    One small step for Chris is a huge stride for Gav and Jon.


  2. Another “bridge too far” and another social whirl. Back on the programme! Nice haircut – was that courtesy of “The Salisbury 3”?? Hope the walk is more “scenic” today.


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