Day 42 – Skelmersdale to Widnes

Weather: ☁️

Feeling Today: 🤔🤞✍️✖️

So Far: 578.28 miles, 189:42 hours

I hadn’t been looking forward to today’s walk particularly but it proved to go much better than I’d expected. It hardly rained; I found a decent route; the walking was not unpleasant, including dismantled rail lines and farmland; and I managed – just – to catch an earlier train home from Widnes.

Whilst it didn’t rain (contrary to the forecast), my feet were soaked in no time from the long grass, wet from the overnight rain. My Merrell shoes have been comfortable and light but are about as watertight as a sieve with some extra holes in it. And that’s after they’ve been treated. I won’t buy another Goretex fabric shoe again.

I’ve tended to get overly anxious and determined to avoid roads and get onto paths. Today I was due to cross a dual carriageway but when I found it had a super cycle path along it, I stuck with it for a few miles. So it was an ‘urban’ day, passing through Rainford and the nice and not so nice suburbs of St Helens and Widnes, including the pretty villages of Rainhill (home of the trials of the Locomotive steam train in 1829 and a railway museum) and Cronton. From the posters around (there were very few to do with election), it seems the Green Belt in this area is under pressure from development.

It’ll be great to be home unexpectedly after 42 days, six weeks. To put this in perspective, Dave’s running neighbour, Patrick, was arriving at Land’s End about now!, (as previously explained, the fastest JOGLE time last year.) In my 42 days I’ve walked 33 days plus three part-days, rested four days and used public transport (entirely or partly with some walking) on five days. I’ve walked about a week with blisters and the same with shin splints. On 24 days I’ve walked alone and on 12 days with pals.

Very clever of Andrew C to preempt Homeward Bound. I thought Paul Simon had written it at Crewe station but this plaque at the station shows Widnes is claiming it.

It took me less than four hours to reach Bristol, by which time the stench from my wet, sweaty boots and clothes was reaching critical levels …. Next time I’m in Bristol it’ll have taken me 13 days to get there!

Don’t do any distance-time analysis on today, Graham. The ‘Map my Walk’ includes the first mile or so on the Widnes-Liverpool train when the speed was a bit more than walking pace!


5 thoughts on “Day 42 – Skelmersdale to Widnes

  1. To bring some positivity to a day such as today – I can’t compete with Andrew C’s most pertinent song, but given the mention of Diana Ross by Chris he other day and the “Go Home” appropriateness – follow the link below for “Go Home Productions” and listen to Ms Ross at her most wonderfulness. Don’t be too confused by the initial sight of ELO – it’s a mash up.


  2. Definitely Widnes not Crewe ! People were too busy spotting trains in Crewe to write songs……
    This blog is apolitical so I’ll resist various comments……


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