Day 41 – Preston to Skelmersdale

Weather: 🌥🌬 then ⛅️

Feeling: 🙂

So Far: 561.05 miles, 184:37 hours

The route out of Preston was on the Ribble Way,  initially a service road, becoming a path through a municipal park, then a well-defined path through fields, and ending as a walk along flood defences. It was due west for the first half a dozen miles, against a wind straight off the Irish Sea, and it was good to turn south.

The path then followed flood defences and fertile farmland growing potatoes and lawn turf before I transferred onto the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. The walking was unexciting but, for the first time for a couple of days, dry.

The last few miles towards Skelmersdale were on busy roads, albeit with a pavement – a reminder of what I’ll face for much of tomorrow.

Ignoring some disapproval from some of my readers …., I’ve booked my train ticket home from Widnes. I could walk about 16 miles during the five hour, three-change journey. Whilst Bev has my proxy, I should in fact now be home just in time to cast my vote. We have our usual Druid Party candidate, Arthur Pendragon, aka King Arthur. Well, it is Wiltshire!

My host this evening, Keith, says that my original route round by Southport and Liverpool would have been interesting. But it’s too late now and I’m looking forward to three days off.  Liverpool next time perhaps!?

I’m going to bed with the OS to plan my route to Widnes. It’s not going to be interesting, picturesque or fun; there aren’t the footpath networks to ease my route – no canal either! It’ll be wet weather gear from the outset and for the duration. I feel sorry for the person sitting next to me on the train ….

10 thoughts on “Day 41 – Preston to Skelmersdale

    1. In fairness Bev, he did say “next time PERHAPS”, but I think your indignation and incredulity are fully justified.


  1. Go Arthur Pendragon ! He looks a bit like Corbyn but angry like Farage….I am somewhat confused where the Druids lie on the spectrum….or indeed maybe they are redefining the political landscape…..
    Or just possibly he’s a Wiltshire nutter…..
    Vote wisely.


  2. Esher and Walton can only offer up Baron Badger from the monster raving loonies. Despite my absence working in Europe this week (bugger brexit) Dominic Rabb’s 28,000 majority is probably safe.


      1. Is that beers for all?
        Thanks for the invite.
        Are you sure sharing your home time with a drunken night out is good for your relationship with Bev?
        Especially given the Liverpool comment.


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