Day 38 – Kendal to Carnforth

Weather: 🌦 then 🌤

Feeling Today:👍 but 😞

So Far: 503.41 miles, 166:21 hours

I’d never heard of the Lyth Valley and now I want to live there! Very picturesque as I came off the escarpment that looks down over it, even in the light rain that briefly kicked off the morning.

Today I left the Lake District and cut across countryside paths to join the Lancaster Canal which I’ll follow for three days.  I left Cumbria and entered Lancashire, have completed 500 miles, and am half-way through my walk in terms of the number of days.

I joined the canal at Hincaster where it’s totally silted up but offers a good clear path.  For the next dozen miles it’s unnavigable with only enough water for water lilies, ducks and swans, and is brutally chopped into isolated sections by the M6, A65 and other new roads.

At Tewitfield after a derelict flight of locks I met the first narrowboats. The walking was, as you’d expect, flat and easy and the towpath was well maintained. Where the canal has been dissected by roads there are clear alternative paths around. All in all uneventful.

For the last couple of hours I had 4G reception and Johnnie Walker on Radio 2 accompanied me past Carnforth – a treat, and a welcome replacement to the noise of the motorway. I enjoyed my last day of good weather for the time-being.  Heavy and persistent rain is forecast for the next 48 hours …

I’m appalled by the latest terrorist attack. I’ve lots to say but won’t say it here. I hope you, your families and friends are unaffected.

10 thoughts on “Day 38 – Kendal to Carnforth

  1. As The Proclaimers sang “I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more” . Well done on achieving another milestone. Hope you’ve secured some accommodation for the next few days??


  2. So Day 37 was thinking of living dangerously – and then Day 38 is “..Johnnie Walker….a treat..”. Mmmm, compare and contrast.


  3. Well done on the 500 mile landmark–fantastic ! Push on for victory in the 2nd half… definitely won’t want extra time, let alone penalties !!


  4. Chris congratulations on making it to half way , can I suggest you celebrate with a foaming tankard of local ale , since you have been so abstinent so far . However potential foul weather tomorrow is no reason to stop off in pubs and booze with the locals , I should say not !


  5. if you stopped in Carnforth hopefully you found the book shop that stocks lots of maps. if you saw an old guy riding around on a blue motorbike that would have been my brother. Well done, keep it up.


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