Day 36 – Dungeon Ghyll to Windermere

Weather: ☁️ then ⛅️

Feeling Today: 👍🚶

So Far: 470.90 miles, 156:00 hours

Jon caught a cab first thing for the London train and I wandered over to the New Dungeon Ghyll hotel for a recuperating coffee with Fergus and Meriel.  I then set off for Windermere, walking alone again.  Yesterday’s walk was tough and today would be relatively easy with minimal elevation.

Following the valley floor, I passed through the pretty villages of Elterwater and Skelwith Bridge – a cracking cheese scone at the latter, marking the point that I left the Cumbria Way (which heads off south to Coniston) and set aside another map.

Wonderful views and a new cycle track guided me to the edge of Windermere – the lake, not the town just yet. I followed a shady path south along the western water’s edge for a few miles to the Bowness Ferry, for vehicles (£4.40) and pedestrians (50p – very reasonable I thought), and more functional and less attractive than the other ferries crisscrossing the lake.

The crossing was short. Back on dry land, the last couple of miles up to my guesthouse was through the bustling and touristy conjoined Bowness and Windermere towns.

My first evening for a while without chums (and the associated fun and excesses) means I’ve had an evening of blogging catch-up, washing (long overdue), admin, loading GPS routes, thinking about my route through Lancashire and Merseyside (difficult without a map!), catching up with news – papers and Henry (who’s fine), trying to manage photos (out of iPhone memory) etc.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have seen that the ‘So Far’ distance tracker includes mileage and time spent by ferry. I promise I kept walking on the spot for the duration of the crossing … I’ll next do the same on the Rock-Padstow ferry in about five weeks’ time.

Tidy sheep work:

9 thoughts on “Day 36 – Dungeon Ghyll to Windermere

  1. Just caught up with about three weeks of blogs. Very entertaining and informative – who knew Keswick boasted a pencil museum ??!! Glad that the shin seems to be behaving itself but would seem that the liver has probably taken the biggest stress these last few days….
    I have also learned that in preparation for the forthcoming Brexit negotiations I could not get your blog in France hence my tardiness in reading it. Hope to be able to join you near the fag end of the walk as long as I extract the digit and so some admin (and try to get a bit fitter).
    Keep at it Chris!! Hope you can find somewhere to stop and watch the Derby today (4.30). I’ve backed Permian so that’s one less for you to worry about!!


  2. How did you manage to place a bet out in the sticks? Hope you’re not into online betting – a slippery slope! Trust you are going to give your liver a rest for a bit. Keep walking!


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