Day 35 – Keswick to Dungeon Ghyll

Weather: ☁️ and later a bit of 🌬

Feeling Today: 👍🚶🚶

So Far: 454.55 miles, 150:39 hours

A late blog because I had no communications at all yesterday.

I managed to drag Jon away from the Keswick Pencil Museum (I couldn’t see the point etc etc) and the Wainwright Inn (a good pub and, rarely, one where we hadn’t spent enough time) to set off. It was a bit of a slow start as I’d been looking for an OS map for the Liverpool area to plan my route further south – without any success. (I know, I know, who in Keswick would be wanting to buy a map of Liverpool?!)

Today we walked along two magnificently beautiful valleys – Borrowdale, starting alongside Derwent Water, and then Langdale. I’ll leave it for the photos to show this rather than me trying to come up with the right words.

The climb from Borrowdale into Langdale came late in the day via a winding path up to Stake Pass and we were hot and sweaty. By now we’d left the strollers, families and more fragrant day-trippers behind.

We’d arranged to meet Fergus and Meriel at Old Dungeon Ghyll and they’d climbed Stake Pass from ODG and kindly left Jon and me some biscuits to fuel our descent. Unfortunately we weren’t sufficiently inquisitive and stepped over them! And as a result, Fergus presented me with a ‘Stupid As A Log’ award. I think Jon should have received the award too by the way!

We had a good evening in the Hikers Bar of the ODG.

I found out from Bev the following morning that whilst we’d been guzzling Sauvignon Blanc poor Henry was having his appendix whipped out. It went well and he’s on the mend.

8 thoughts on “Day 35 – Keswick to Dungeon Ghyll

  1. Looks fantastic ! Hi to all and glad Henry is ok.
    Clearly the Lakes take the biscuit ! crumbs, that was poor….


  2. Glad to see logs making a welcome reappearance to complement the obligatory stunning scenery and pub interiors – far better than technical pants! Although I do feel the award was a little harsh unless said biscuits were accompanied by a big sign pointing them out. Keep walking.


  3. No hob knobbing with the locals then? Glad to see your digestive system working OK. Don’t see any bourbon on the table so assume you are off the grain.
    Logs. only marginally better than technical pants.
    At least no one can accuse you of being a Jaffa, which is a cake.


  4. The packet of biccies had ‘Chris and Jon’ written on all sides, the day and time they were left, and who they were from. They were strategically placed in the middle of the path at Stake Pass, with a stone on top of them. …….and we know that at least two other walking parties picked them up, looked at them and replaced them, knowing that they weren’t the intended recipients. Only Chris and Jon carefully stepped over them without taking a closer look. Duh!
    I shall arrange for a packet of same to be waiting at Land’s End!


  5. I’m sure the late blog was due to Mr L and Mr and Mrs L rather than no comms! Looks like you had a good time. Best to Henry – I know what he’s going through – been there! You’re tan is coming on nicely!


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