Day 33 – Carlisle to Caldbeck

Weather: 🌥 then 🌨

Feeling Today: 👍🚶🚶🚶

So Far: 418.71 miles, 137:19 hours

Today was the start of a new trail – the Cumbria Way – which will take me a good distance through the Lakes over the next few days, accompanied for the first sections by Jon and Gav.


Leaving Carlisle I felt for the first time the benefit of my new Runderwear pants kindly donated by Gav.  They’ve hugged me in all the right places, being ‘ergonomically engineered, seamless technology, with a moisture wicking transport system, chafe-free guaranteed’. I don’t know how I’ve been surviving so far without my moisture being ‘wicked’ in this way by my pants …

And they also make very fetching headgear !


The trail was flat and straight forward with a dull section out of Carlisle as far as Dalston, after which we followed the more attractive banks of the River Caldew (which rises on Skiddaw).

The collapsed Bell Bridge caused a minor detour after we decided we wouldn’t wade across..


The weather forecast was sadly very accurate and the rain started about an hour before reaching our destination. We got wet and this was exacerbated by a slight navigational error by me causing some extra mileage to find our B&B which is a mile off the Cumbria Way. Fortunately Gav and Jon were very understanding and forgiving ….

It was nice to see the start of the fells that we’ll climb up and over tomorrow to reach Keswick. Two of the peaks are Great Cockup and Little Cockup and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to navigate to avoid them. Otherwise I’ll be wearing my pants on my head again….

12 thoughts on “Day 33 – Carlisle to Caldbeck

  1. Glad to see you have been joined by two of our shorter friends. You can now walk tall.
    Runderwear sounds most painful but if it prevents unsightly stains then so much the better.


  2. OK, Gav is a little taller than Jon but that photo is not a fair reflection….he appears to have him in an armlock and pushing Jon down…..
    At least I walked with Jos !!


  3. “we decided we wouldn’t wade across.” What sort of attitude is that? Or were you worried that some members of the party might drown if it was a little deep?!


  4. I note you have posted early today. Is this to allow more drinking time with fellow renegades? Gracious, what a cynic I’m turning into!


  5. Looks like Bev is bang on the money! I bet “the fetching headgear” will make another appearance tonight after a few more beers.


  6. When I think how you used to rib me as I extolled the virtues of my Rab CoCoNa pants. Anyway good to see you’re back in full flow, shin splints a distant memory. You’ll be in familiar territory over the next few days once you’re past the desert that is Skiddaw Forest. You can go crazy in Keswick tonight and buy more pants.


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