Day 30 – Lochmaben to Annan

Weather: ☁️ then 🌧 and ⛈

Feeling Today: 👍⚽️⚽️

So Far: 378.23 miles, 124:36 hours

The day started with a compulsory, greasy and meat-orientated breakfast – not an entirely pleasant experience. But Jos, Dave and I were cheerful as we left Lochmaben and Robert Bruce behind – three FatBlokesWalking in step.

Today’s walk was still along the Annandale Way, following the course of the Annan, either on its banks or nearby minor roads. The Annandale Way is an easy, attractive trail and I’d recommend it for anyone looking for a few days of walking – it’s nice to see a river develop from a trickle to a wide flow supporting salmon, fishermen and otters. It has a big problem with Himalayan Balsam however.

A few miles short of Annan we had rain and the rumbling thunder got more threatening. Fortunately there was a pub on hand where we could shelter (quite legitimately!) from the torrential rain that followed…..

We managed to watch both the Scottish and English FA cups and enjoy a wild night out in Annan. The blog has been delayed as it’s taken me a while to recover!

I’ll be on my own again tomorrow and in England after a month in Scotland.

5 thoughts on “Day 30 – Lochmaben to Annan

  1. Chris – good to see that you’re back on air and walking. I was worried when the blog didn’t appear yesterday that you’d expired, metaphorically and physically. Shouldn’t have worried you were obviously holed up in a pub. In celebration of your walk Antiques Roadshow has come from New Lanark tonight. Keep up the good work, England beckons.


  2. Bev,
    You are entirely right; Chris was a very unwilling participant in our night out….at no point did he seem keen on another drink….Jos and I apologise profusely…..


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