Day 29 – Moffat to Lochmaben

Weather: ☀️

Feeling Today: 👍😅

So Far:  360.38 miles, 119:17 hours

I sat in glorious morning sunshine in Moffat High Street waiting for my bus and took the opportunity to dry my socks. It seems that everyone who lives in Moffat knows everyone else – a very friendly place. They didn’t even seem to mind my socks.

You may see I’ve moved to ‘double-holster’, bought water bottles. I stupidly left my water bottle at the last b&b – the chap said he’d try and drop it off in Moffat which would have deserved inclusion in my ‘kindest people in Scotland’ list. He didn’t, so he doesn’t make the list.

Jos and I had arranged to meet at a small place on the Annandale Way called St Ann’s which worked well, in spite of the ‘village’ comprising simply a bus stop, a pothole and a bend in the Moffat to Dumfries road. Jos had driven up from London, dumped his car at our destination, and then negotiated a cab to St Ann’s, all by 11am.

We had an easy walk through farmland and along minor roads to get to Lochmaben and a welcome lager. My first walking company since Malcolm left me in Glasgow.


So tomorrow I’m back on to JOGLE proper; with no public transport and a full day’s walking, and accompanied by Jos and also Dave, another FatBlokeWalking who arrives this evening, hot-footing it from M&S Newcastle where I presume he’s been sorting out womanswear.

Following requests  from Fergus and Agnetha, here’s a photo I’ve been keeping in reserve.  Not so much a log pile, more a pile of logs ….


12 thoughts on “Day 29 – Moffat to Lochmaben

  1. Did he bring a selection of new underwear and socks or is that coming from M&S with Dave?
    Glad to see a pair of Dudes made the trip.
    The white hair sets off the red face quite well.


  2. Is that Jos enjoying a lager after doing your washing for you? There seems to be more “beer drinking” than “walking” since Jos’ arrival?? Enjoy the company tomorrow.


  3. Please tell Dave that M n S womenswear needs more than a good sort out, but he can leave the underwear alone; having added to his profits today, I can assure him there’s more choice than the average woman needs.


  4. Glad to see you are back on the trail and pleased to see your pictures of Annandale which I missed because of sprained ankle. We are off to Austria in the van but I will check up on progress when we have wifi. Happy walking! Judith


  5. That’s a chopped up tree. Disappointed you made no effort to collect the logs and create some sort of pile.

    You may well find log piles are few and far between as you head south. Every log pile, or pile of logs or chopped up tree should be treasured as you head towards the second half of your odyssey.

    ….and there is huge potential for a photo book of log piles around Britain. The Woodland Trust would be delighted to publish a book which depicted responsible logging and the resultant log piles.


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