Day 28 – Crawford to Moffat

Weather: ☀️

Feeling Today: 😎 and well done United ⚽️🏆

So Far: 350.30 miles, 115:35 hours


The day started with my kind B&B host dropping me off in the mist at the head of the Annandale valley. The sun soon burned through,  revealing the Devil’s Beef Tub – no, really!  I had a warm walk around the top in brilliant sunshine before dropping into the valley floor for the stroll into Moffat along the first miles of the Annandale Way.

The head of the Annandale valley also marks the northern boundary of Dumfries and Galloway and the edge of the Southern Uplands. To the north is this in Lanarkshire …


and to the south is this … img_1752

It was a very picturesque walk and I took it slowly. By an amazing coincidence several hills and farms I passed have the same names and nicknames as boys I went to school with: Peat Hill, Corehead, Spout Craig (and his brother, Colin Craig), Cocklaw Knowe, Eric Shane and Howslack.


There’s a good array of wind turbines in every direction.


Moffat seems a vibrant place with lots of pubs, hotels and independent shops and traders.

It boasts the world’s narrowest hotel – the Star. I’m not staying there – perhaps I’m too wide …

4 thoughts on “Day 28 – Crawford to Moffat

  1. Good to see you walking again but you need a plan for whatever public transport you will use. Where will you watch us thrash the Jocks again (10th June) ? Great opportunity to get the train from Carlisle to Settle. And I suspect you have started a thread with nicknames of pals we went to school with e,g Piggy Thurston (not the fittest lad I ever met).


  2. Just tuning in after a week or so to discover that you have hurt your leg; appear to be making little or no attempt to find any log piles to photograph, and you aren’t scrambling your eggs! (The latter…..I don’t blame you).

    Meriel and I are looking forward to the Lake District and sounds like you are on schedule, but might appreciate a lift some of the way in a German estate car (sorry, no Indian Jags in the Lawson household).

    Now that your gait is marginally restricted, we may be able to keep up with you for a couple of miles before veering off up Pavey Ark or similar.

    Anyway, two mighty fine bars await in Dungeon Ghyll…..


  3. Hope alls good Chris had a nice conversation with Bev who’s updated us so hope the leg keeps improving and keep it going your doing great 😎Xx


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