Day 27 – Douglas to Crawford

Weather: ☁️

Feeling Today: 🙏🚶

So Far: 340.99 miles, 111:58 hours

My fourth day of JOGLEEPOPT and I’m having a go at weaning myself off the delights of public transport by walking a couple of stretches either side of a bus ride and a light lunch.  The shin is better!  Clutching an OS again, I felt less of a fraud and have also decided I can justify reinstating my ‘So Far’ tracker.

In the morning I crossed over a huge reclaimed opencast site and through a delightful woodland. The contrast from one valley to the next can be stark; from boggy and unproductive restored mineral workings in the shadow of wind turbines to established, rolling estate parkland.

In the afternoon I walked from the village of Abington round to my overnight stop at Crawford. This was along a minor road running alongside the west coast mainline, the river Clyde, and a bit further over, the M74 motorway.

Crawford is a slightly bare place that’s lost its raison d’etre (sorry Bev, can’t find a circumflex anywhere), now that the traffic zooms past on the motorway. The railway on the other hand still runs through the middle of the village but the station is long gone. I don’t know if Crawford castle is the family seat, Mick, but that needs a good sort out too!

I don’t really approve of photographing food but, as Andrew has specifically asked, here’s a photo of this morning’s very good airbnb breakfast, with smoked bacon and a flattened sausage.  Much to Neil’s disapproval, I suspect, I usually avoid meat at breakfast so usual fare for me has been eggs (two), tomatoes and mushrooms. (Baked beans, I’m sure we all agree, don’t belong at breakfast ….)  Potato scones (on the left) have appeared several times – really only a vehicle for carrying more interesting food – quite leathery and would make a good insole or midge swot.

Tomorrow I’ve got a lift arranged to take me to the start of the Annandale Way and I’ll walk into Moffat – another reduced walk. The Annandale Way takes me to the English border on the Solway Firth, the signs now are for Carlisle, FatBlokesWalking pals are joining me in 48 hours – I can nearly smell England ….

11 thoughts on “Day 27 – Douglas to Crawford

  1. Well, you’ll certainly ‘smell England’ when Jos and I turn up !!
    Glad you are back up and walking (or sort of)


  2. Great to hear that you’re back on two feet again. Never heard of flattened sausage. I hope that’s as close as I ever get to one!


  3. Well done Chris! Glad you are able to use the feet a little more. Ah! England’s green and pleasant land is over the horizon. Keep Walking!


  4. Excellent news, great to hear. A proper cooked breakfast needs black pudding – usually get some good ones in Scotland!


  5. Call me a heathen but I see no problem with black sausage, baked beans and chips making an appearance at breakfast.
    No great fan of flat sausage or potato cakes.
    I am sure Jos and Dave will smell delightful – some soft southern cologne rather than the manly northern smells you have become accustomed too.


  6. Beans maketh a breakfast. No Haggis on there. Love potato cakes. That salad leaf certainly doesn’t belong on the plate


  7. Great to hear that your leg is in rapid recovery mode. A great blog too, focusing on the ridiculous with just a smidgen of sublime!


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