Day 26 – Lanark to Douglas

I decided not to walk the first part of my route as it risked getting caught in the middle of nowhere. Instead I meandered slowly up the river to see the Falls of Clyde (I expect you know them, Dave …) and then took a bus ride in the afternoon.

The falls are splendid, but the water level was low, and they would be more impressive with more rain or when the hydro scheme was not in operation.

Disgusted, saddened and dismayed at the events in Manchester.

2 thoughts on “Day 26 – Lanark to Douglas

  1. Two of my team based in Manchester were there last night–both fine but understandably very upset–outrageous and disgusting.


  2. Targeting a concert where the average age is likely do be sub 18 is cowardice in its vilest forms , I pray the man responsible is burning in a Christian hell instead of enjoying his nirvana .


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