Day 25 – Motherwell to Lanark


Day two of JOGLEEPOPT saw me travel by train to Lanark via Wishaw A&E to have my shin checked out.

The service at the hospital was great though I had quite a grilling about living in England – obviously suspected I was a health tourist. Shin splints are confirmed and the advice was to keep walking a bit every day rather than having a few days with no walking – the nurse seemed to think I was being rather idle when I said I was planning to travel by train and bus for the next few days. So I’m planning to walk (or amble) a few miles tomorrow followed by a bus ride.

Thanks to Henry for this sympathetic Francophone ditty …


I was handed plenty of pain killers free of charge – why isn’t there a ‘pot’ for donations at A&E departments? Presumably it would be argued by some that it would undermine the ‘free at point of delivery’ principle …

And why do the smokers always congregate around the ‘no smoking anywhere within the hospital grounds’ sign ?


I visited New Lanark briefly. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site; a 18th century ‘model’ village on the Clyde underpinned by textile mills powered by early hydro. The development pioneered a ‘utopian socialism’ and provided housing, work, education etc.  Sturgeon and her chums should pay a visit. A very pretty place.

So feeling a bit more reassured and confident that I can keep going.

11 thoughts on “Day 25 – Motherwell to Lanark

  1. Gracious! You are taking this seriously! You’re usually so cavalier (blokey) about your health, I can’t imagine you going willingly to A n E without me nagging you to death first…..


  2. Sorry to hear about your injury old boy.
    Am just looking at some potential options for this year’s FBW. Your knowledge of public transport and A&E departments could well come in handy.


  3. Did your diagnosis state whether was a stress fracture of the bone or simply the muscle and tendon tearing away from the bone?
    Either way your gait possibly does not help.
    This may be due to the excess of breadcrumbs in your walking gear!


  4. Top marks for perserverance! It seems that you are still on schedule albeit a slightly different route and method. Don’t overdo it on the foot. Take care x


  5. Hi Chris, I’m a colleague of Neil’s who suggested I might want to follow your walk as I’m walking 1000 miles this year and will probably end up 2500 the way I’m going. Also planning to walk the El Camino de Santiago next year. On the mention of shin splints I thought I’d throw my two penneth in as I suffered from them earlier this year. On advice from a forum I bought some runners compression socks (not the surgical variety) and adjusted my gait to lessen my stride. Within a few days the problem was resolved. Hope this helps, Alan


    1. Thanks Alan, and hello. That’s helpful to know – far more useful than the suggestions to date from my friends i.e. try hopping, use a mobility scooter, eat rice etc. I’m starting to re-introduce some mileage into my public transport regime…. Regards Chris


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