Day 24 – Glasgow to Motherwell


So the first day of JOGLEEPOPT. Today should have been a 20 mile walk along the Clyde. Instead I’ve had another lazy day in the Glasgow apartment, reading the Telegraph (couldn’t find the Guardian, Ian …), catching up on the adventures of Kirsty and Phil, planning rail and bus journeys through Lanarkshire and Dumfries for the coming week, consolidating my stuff and treating my shin.  This evening I took a 30 minute train journey to Motherwell, with a slow, laboured stroll at each end.


Over the weekend Bev and Gen have been doing some of the touristy stuff including Kelvingrove Gallery and Museum, The Lighthouse and Willow Tea Rooms – all Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

I feel more mobile today and am less able to justify being waited on hand and foot by my girls.  As well as alternate ice pack and Deep Heat, I’m applying Ibuleve and wearing a shin splint and calf support.


Thank you all for your messages of support and sympathy, and especially the suggestions of alternative modes of transport and self-locomotion. They cheer me up no end!

Glaswegian hospitality …


4 thoughts on “Day 24 – Glasgow to Motherwell

  1. I assume you were barred on the self-medicating one for a start, although I note that several of the other categories would also have caught you.
    Good rules; they need to be kept in the Union.


  2. Good on you Chris for continuing any which way ! Great family pic albeit where is Henry? The signage is very “Rab C Nesbitt”. Looking forward to your revised travel schedule.


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