Day 19 – Tyndrum to Inversnaid

Weather: 🌨🌬 then 🌤

Feeling Today: 👌

So Far: 287.38 miles,  94:05 hours

Another damp start to the day as the path bounced between, over and under rail, road and river. When it’s raining or feet are damp you feel less inclined to divert to points of interest so we strode past St Fillan’s Priory, the Falls of Falloch, and, later on, Rob Roy’s Cave.

We passed a weather station which helpfully told us we were at one of the wettest point in the UK – it rains 280 days a year. As Malcolm said “If you can’t see the hills, it’s raining. If you can see the hills, it’s about to rain.”


We were pleased to reach the start of Loch Lomond – it marks the start of the run-in into Glasgow. We have another day of the loch tomorrow.

You would imagine the last section along the shore of Loch Lomond would be easy walking but in fact it involved a good deal of clambering over rocks and trees roots. It helped to have long legs and poles.

Better still we were suddenly blessed with lovely sunshine which helped us dry out and put a spring in our step – or clamber. The scenery was beautiful; banks of fresh bluebells and bracken along gently lapping water.

All that lapping gave us a serious thirst ….

It was a long day but I managed to find some time to split some logs for Agnetha. Like Fergus, she wants more photos!

This one is especially for Sue and Pete:

10 thoughts on “Day 19 – Tyndrum to Inversnaid

  1. Is that a first time wash and where are the underpinnings??? Great pics and good to see you looking happy and healthy still!


  2. You’re cracking on! I remember Rannoch Moor – at least the midges don’t like rain. Southern part of Loch Lomond much easier. Enjoy seeing the family in Glasgow. Judith


  3. Looking very good. Shorter hair and healthy skin. The exercise doing you good.
    Enough of the logs, especially if you are going to cheat and use a mechanical log splitter!
    More of a Rambo or Arnie approach to logs please – bare chest or in vest with an axe to chop them and then carry over your shoulder as if a twig please.
    Serious concerns over underwear seems to be a developing theme – personally I have no interest in seeing them after so long.
    Suggest you get some parcels sent on with new underwear from Bev at regular interval – say once every two weeks.
    No need to return the old ones as probably best left for composting.
    Keep it up.
    Once in Wales may pop over to see you to offer some form of support.


  4. Chris. Just wanted you to know that I’ve been following the blog from China and more recently Japan, where I will head for South Korea at the weekend. Unlike you I am still working 😦 but like you I love to travel and I’m still fiftysomething young, although I’m reasonably sure my knees would have packed up by now on your route. Amanda, I and the family have memories of many of your spots so far as we regularly used both the A82 Road to the Isles and occasionally the A9 on frequent trips to a special place in our lives, Applecross.

    I know that today all our thoughts and prayers are with Bev, Harriet, Josie and all those affected by the premature loss of Sharon as they say goodbye to her today in Biddulph. It will no doubt be an emotional walk today for you too but maybe you will also raise a glass of Guinness or whatever the local tipple is tonight in her memory. I have a simple house red myself tonight but it is doing the trick as I type this with much emotion inside. God bless you Sharon. We only met occasionally but you will live on in everyone’s hearts. X


  5. Chris – great blog been catching up since exams now over yippee@@@!! – wonderful pics and you seem to be doing alright for an old man with a beard!!! Will be keeping a closer eye to make sure there is no slacking – I think you should swim Loch Lomond to exercise a few other muscles… best


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