Day 18 – Kingshouse to Tyndrum

Weather: 🌨

Feeling Today: 👍, en marche! 🇫🇷

So Far: 267.37 miles, 87:12 hours

A day of steady rain that demonstrated well why most people walk south to north. We had the rain and wind in our faces the whole way.  It was a case of wet weather gear from the off and for the whole day. The only respite was an hour in the Inveroran Hotel for a beer and some nourishing pea soup.

The first half of the day’s walk was on old drove roads along the edge of Rannoch Moor. The outlook was pretty desolate, especially in the persistent rain, and apparently this section might be the ‘most bleak and wild’ section of the JOGLE walk, along with Liverpool presumably ….

We then dropped into the Bridge of Orchy which comprises a nice bridge, a big hotel and a railway station.  From there we were back on the military road for a flat section intertwined with rivers and streams and the Glasgow to Fort William rail line that snakes its way round the contours of the hills and mountains.

We’re now in Tyndrum staying in a B&B with a much-needed drying room so we’ll have dry boots for tomorrow…

9 thoughts on “Day 18 – Kingshouse to Tyndrum

  1. All sounds a little grim…..well done for grinding this day out, with a cheeky but well made point re Liverpool chucked in. Dry out, tune in and walk on….oh dear, last bit sounds a bit Scouse……


  2. Was that really the best you could manage for a wood pile today? Still, bleak, romantic moorland vistas apart from that. I remember stopping at Rannoch Moor when we caught the overnight sleeper to Fort William and wondering why on earth there was a station in the middle of nowhere and clearly no passengers for miles around. Bizarre.


  3. Some breakfast pics please so we can compare the Full Scottish with some later English versions. What is fuelling your days….


  4. What happens if you wander off the track?
    “Turn on, tune in, drop out” is a counterculture-era phrase popularized by Timothy Leary in 1966.


  5. Tin Drum (Tyndrum) was an excellent album by the 80s electronic group Japan ! Any sign of David Sylvian ‘ looking dramatic ‘ on your travels ?


    1. Thanks Jos. Tyndrum used to be lead mining country but now has a gold mine! My memory will be our B&B, run in regimented fashion by a dictatorial ex army chap. There was scope for some Fawlty-esque entertainment, most likely when a French couple declined the croissants they’d ordered the night before and demanded toast. Malcolm and I ate the croissants to maintain the entente cordiale… We had a shower cubicle in our bedroom, squeezed in at the foot of my bed. I could have washed my feet while still lying in bed …


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