Day 16 – Fort William to Kinlochleven

Weather: ☁️ then 🌧

Feeling Today: 🤢

So Far:  238.60 miles, 77:23 hours

So the first day of six on the West Highland Way (seven if you include the extension to reach Central Glasgow). My pal and fellow retired waster, Malcolm, has joined me, arriving yesterday evening and leading me astray with more beers and curry.   As a result I’ve felt pretty poorly today – no way to walk.

The path starts with the road out to the start point for the climb up Ben Nevis. We climbed up the opposite side of Glen Nevis, past the ancient fort of Dun’Deardail, through forestry operations, and past a small loch where Macbeth, king of the Scots in the eleventh century, is meant to have lived.

The path then follows the Caulfeild military road, part of the metalled roads that Majors Wade and Caulfeild built in the 1700s to help control the Highlands after the Jacobite rebellions. The roads are now stoney and pretty hard on the feet but fortunately my feet are now pretty hard.

My new pace-setter has a long gait and sets a blistering pace, fortunately not literally …

We had no expectations of Kinlochleven but it’s a vibrant, busy place. The aluminium smelting plant which dominates the village closed in 2001 and the village now feeds and waters and caters for not only the mass of walkers, but also other outdoor activities such as canoeing and climbing. We’re staying in a YHA-style hostel.



14 thoughts on “Day 16 – Fort William to Kinlochleven

  1. Scenery looks amazing …. and hopefully the crisp clean Scottish air clearedyour groggy head! Congrats so far and loving the blog. Xx👍


  2. Catching up on your walk Chris. V impressive. During the early days, your almost obsessive interest in log piles was noted. Day 13 threw me a little when you posted a photo of pile of long thin logs (…or quite thick sticks) and described it as a ‘wood pile’. And then yesterday, you march ‘through forestry operations’ and not a log (..or thick stick) in sight!
    Never mind the selfies. This isn’t called a ‘blog’ for nothing. More photos of logs please. You’ll regret it the further south you go! F.


  3. I noticed some of the locals couldn’t resist photo bombing your bench picture.

    Good to have company no doubt. So more curry tonight?


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