Day 14 – Gairlochy to Fort William

Weather: 🌤

Feeling Today: 🚶👍

So Far: 222.53 miles, 71:10 hours

A straightforward walk along the Caledonian Canal which was pleasant enough.

Highlight was a manually operated swing-bridge – yep, that’s how exciting today was …

Some nice views of Ben Nevis to my left the whole way, which made up for a dull last few miles through industrial and unpleasant areas of the town. As you can see from the map, I missed an obvious short-cut as I religiously followed the official Great Glen Way route along the canal, but I hadn’t even bothered to consult a map or my GPS today.

Fort William isn’t my favourite place  – it suffers from being somewhere that people come to in order to leave for somewhere else.  But on this occasion I’m pleased to be here. I can now rest for 24 hours – especially my feet and a sore knee. I’d wondered if I’d regret a day off but I certainly need one.

I’d also questioned my schedule and rate of progress, but I think it’s okay so far. It’s another two weeks before I cross from Scotland into England; it’s another seven weeks before I get to sleep in my own bed in Woolacombe; it’s still over two months before I finish …

5 thoughts on “Day 14 – Gairlochy to Fort William

  1. Well done old bean. Enjoy your rest. Would be good if we could post photos as well. Have a log pile photo to share.


  2. Congrats on making it to the first rest day! Loving the blog, the comments and even the blister pics. Not enough food/beer snaps. If you have a Kindle with you try A Free Country. George Mahood. Very funny and how I imaging your days!!! Looking forward to catching up!


  3. Very unfond memories of a bad night’s sleep in a hotel in the middle of FW, overlooking a gang of loud, raucous, drunk Scots, partying through the night. Hope you’re staying somewhere else! Enjoy your rest day, lie in bed and watch Homes under the Hammer!


  4. A very well deserved rest day….well done ! I look forward to a full analysis of daytime TV in your next blog…..


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