Day 13 – Invergarry to Gairlochy

Weather: ☁️

Feeling Today: 👍

So Far: 209.71 miles, 66:59 hours (Graham, I’ll leave the pi differential analysis to you)

A failure to stretch and an ill-judged poached haddock for breakfast meant a slow and steady – almost said ‘strong and stable’ there … – walk this morning. Easy walking through woods above lochs and the canal.

Past a couple of lock/swing-bridge crossings and the site of the MacDonald 1544 Battle of the Shirts (one for you, Pete?), the second half of the day was a bit of a grind, through pine forest and without great views or anything of note (apart from the occasional scrappy woodpile).

I think the Worshipful and Honourable Society of Scottish Waterbody Namers must have got to the last of today’s lochs on a Friday afternoon after a busy week and perhaps a long, boozy lunch, or maybe they decided “oh bu@@@ it, let’s go to the pub and talk about girls and leave this last one with the work experience lad!“, or maybe it was put to a public ballot… Anyway, they managed to come up with Loch Lochy!  It does indeed have the characteristics of a loch so here’s a photo of …. the lochy Loch Lochy!  (Ben Nevis behind in the cloud.)

The southern end of Loch Lochy was the end of today’s walk and was a prettier area, with an interesting shoreline (rich habitat and used for commando training during WWII) and good views to the north.

You can see my left foot blister below. It looks worse than it now feels. Compeed has done the job, protecting it and amazingly keeping the blister unburst over the last week or so. It’s starting to shrivel which I guess is a good sign. A little bit of ‘dinner lady’s ankle’ too.

A short walk tomorrow into Fort William which will see me finish the Great Glen Way, the first fortnight, and a second packet of Compeeds.

10 thoughts on “Day 13 – Invergarry to Gairlochy

  1. Chris you urgently need to drink large amounts of beer and eat a curry.
    You are displaying worrying signs of a serious relapse with both foot selfies and log piles making a reappearance.
    Be strong and start drinking at once.


  2. Liking Loch Lochy – how come i had never heard of it – not liking the foot! Just wondering if you are getting a little frustrated walking towards the small town of Legal everyday and never quite making it?


  3. Bev I reckon a B minus for the log pile , what do you think ? But the blister is definitely an A star , has anyone suggested applying fresh urine on it perchance ?


  4. Be starting my journey Northwards to join you in a few hours, looking forward to it but not to meeting your blister, can it sleep in another room. Just looked at the BBC weather and it has it raining every day from 13 – 20.5, oh joy but it should sort the midges out.


  5. To Dave’s point, I have actually been to Legal a few times; I’d continue to avoid it as their pretty superior there; talk a different language and it’s all very expensive……


  6. Less of the “embarrassing bodies” please! Another day closer to your 1st day off! Hope you have booked yourself some “luxury” for tomorrow. Well done.


  7. Hi Chris
    We met you a week ago by Rose at Dornoch. You didn’t want to have a lift, so you’re still on your way. Nice to see that your progress is great, but who wants to see such pics of your blister? Better you post some of nice and funny things like caterpillars or spiders….! We already made our way through scotland and it was great..and faster, but we had only one week not eleven. It seems that the weather now is changing so we’re so lucky that we had the best week of this summer in scotland.
    Greetings Jörg and Angela


    1. Very nice to hear from you, Jorg and Angela! I’m pleased you enjoyed your time in Scotland and I hope you’ll be back in the UK soon. Remember, we love Germany and the rest of Europe and it is the EU organisation that we have voted to reject. Best wishes und mit freundlichen Grussen! Chris


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