Day 12 – Invermoriston to Invergarry

Weather: ☀️

Feeling Today: 👍😎

So Far: 190.99 miles, 61:09 hours


There was a sharp, steep climb through woods to kick things off this morning to reach the high path. It was then a very straight forward walk along clearly defined tracks above the loch.

The views were very similar so you could simply look at yesterday’s photos …

But quite soon you can see the southern end of Loch Ness at Fort Augustus. I had a poor and chaotic lunch here, saved only by a couple of pints of McEwans 80 shilling (rocket fuel, Porky!).

I didn’t think much of Fort Augustus which was busy with traffic and tourists – fairly unpleasant overall – and didn’t bother searching for the priory and fort.  This is where the Caledonian Canal accesses Loch Ness.

I was pleased to head off again, now along the canal, built by Thomas Telford in the early 1800s to give a marine traverse of Scotland (and to generate jobs in the Highlands after the clearances).

At the Bridge of Oich I cut off onto the Invergarry Link of the Great Glen Way on the western side of Loch Oich. (I thought I’d left the Oichs behind in Fort Augustus …). This evening was meant to be my luxury stay-over so far but the Invergarry Hotel is pretty ordinary.


Feet are getting better I think. The bad news is that the midges are hatching or breeding or whatever they do early this year. May need to look for a burka in Fort William ….

Overheard in the bar:

Well, tomorrow we could head for the Kyle of Lochalsh – you know, where the bridge is. We could go over to Skye“.

What are you talking about? We’ve already got Sky.”


Meriel, check out the tartan :




10 thoughts on “Day 12 – Invermoriston to Invergarry

  1. Well, glad no more mention of log piles.
    Did not wish to alarm as this was another symptom of time spent with strange men met in woods and I was hoping you would revert to type.
    Based on the way you are staring out that pint it would appear all is good.
    Remember if the symptoms come back – to remind you they include:
    1. Selfies of feet
    2. Lying on back and waggling feet about
    3. Taking photos of log piles
    4. An inordinate interest in tartan and a desire to wear a man skirt – you are still slightly presenting in this area
    5. Liking for salt in porridge
    6. Desire to paint yourself Blue

    if you notice any of these then remember beer and curry are very effective remedies, according to the literature.

    Keep up the good work – no slacking as you have a timetable to keep.

    PS Still awaiting definitive proof you are actually in Scotland and not shopping photos.


  2. The weather looks spectacular! Good to see the blogger behind the blog again! Albeit the retired waster looks a little “wasted” in the drinking beer pic! Trust you partook later in the wine too?? As per Graham’s advice, “the female of the species is more deadly than the male” ! Well done and I hope you will steer clear of Ben Nevis when you arrive at Fort William for your rest day.


  3. I am surprised that you did not look even more menacing/threatening after having to sample a pint of McEwans. Things should improve as you move South.


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