Day 11 – Drumnadrochit to Invermoriston

Weather: ☁️ then ☀️

Feeling Today: 🛀 👍

So Far:  174.12 miles,  55:42 hours

I think my feet may be toughening up and the first steps this morning were less painful than previously. I’m also carrying less, having posted home four maps, my GPS instructions and shoe insoles and ditched the last of Saturday’s paper. I’m also hopeful I’ve lost a bit of weight and I think my moobs have shrunk by a cup size or two! It got warm this afternoon and I should have worn shorts.


The walk away from Drumnadrochit  was a bit of a climb and gave only occasional glimpses of the loch. I’m starting to meet other walkers – more women than men, more overseas than UK. Some are jolly, some odd, and some jolly odd …

I took the higher of two route options to reach Invermoriston and, being above the tree line, this gave super views over Loch Ness and also to the west.


The distant mountains include Ben Nevis and it will have been a lovely, clear – and rare – day for good views from the peak.

Sharon worked at the Wedgwood Museum and she would have enjoyed this instruction as a mantra for life ….

Lastly, another wood pile especially for Bev. Don’t say I don’t listen – What a beauty!

17 thoughts on “Day 11 – Drumnadrochit to Invermoriston

  1. Chris,
    OK, you are now making these place names up. Have you been holed up in a boozer in Inverness for 48 hours, downloading Loch Ness and woodpile photos ?


  2. That blue sky must have scared the natives! I’ll make a request for a few more photos of the local fauna. Keep it up. Cheers


  3. Fabulous pictures today except for the one of your feet – more selfies please. Hope you found a tasty lunch.! Well done again!


  4. Excellent pics.
    What’s the ring thing? Symbolic of a crown of thorns?
    Good to hear the feet are toughening up.

    “Some are jolly, some odd, and some jolly odd …and then there’s Chris”


  5. Nice shot of the feet Chris. Socks look moist. If athlete’s foot sets in, I have an old remedy for that too. Keep us posted.


  6. You appear to be at one with nature.
    You average speed in mph is very very close to pi.
    It’s closer than 99.99%


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