Day 10 – Beauly to Drumnadrochit

Weather: ☁️ then 🌥

Feeling Today: 😴, 🤷‍♂️🇫🇷🤷‍♀️, and 🎂 Hattie

So Far: 158.88 miles, 50:32 hours

This morning was a bit chillier and there was some short-lived light drizzle, so the Droopy hat was put away and the waterproofs, long-johns and trousers were back on. Once away from Beauly, the first half of the walk was on forest tracks and minor roads through an area called The Aird; forestry interspersed with agriculture.

There’s nothing like a good Sunday lunch … and this was nothing like a good Sunday lunch:

Fortunately a potato pie is not a pie of potato and there are other things in it, so it’s more interesting than it sounds (but it’s still not interesting!)

The second half of today’s walk was then my first section on the Great Glen Way – bit of a slog on hardcore tracks.  I’ve missed about 10 miles of the trail from Inverness and will complete the remaining 70 miles or so over the next four days before reaching Fort William.

The topography and trees meant that there weren’t really views of Loch Ness until almost in it. The steep descent through the woods was painful and brought me out opposite Urquhart Castle where John Cobb made his water speed record attempt in 1952. In a jet-propelled waterborne ‘rocket’ he exceeded 200mph but sadly crashed and died.

What housing crisis …?!

So I’ve done 10 days and more than 150 miles. Thank you for your encouragement and your comments which I enjoy reading (and so does my mother so keep it clean!), but I hope you’ll understand I can’t reply to each one.

I’m enjoying the walking and countryside and the good weather has been a great blessing. I’ve received a warm welcome just about everywhere. I’m surprised how few walkers I’ve seen.

What have I learnt so far? ; how to use my GPS; walking on the A9 is no fun, especially over bridges; it’s difficult to navigate in forests …

Best buys: portable battery pack and Droopy sun hat

Worst buy: the potato pie

Best car seen: Jaguar XK

Most considerate drivers: Jaguar XK

Best advice: Have a whisky

Worst advice: Urinate on blisters

Body parts okay: knees, Achilles, hips, chaffing areas (thanks to the Vaseline); muscles generally

Body parts in trouble: feet

No EBR incidents, Scottish independence discussions, or animal attacks. Only one Brexit discussion – with Angela and Jurt from Germany 🇩🇪

Tomorrow I’ll resist ‘Nessieland’ theme park, post four OS maps home and head south west. Should be difficult to get lost …

9 thoughts on “ Day 10 – Beauly to Drumnadrochit

  1. I guess the Potato Pie follows the ‘Fish supper’ formula….only one ingredient of the meal mentioned….
    I saw Patrick last night….I said you were doing very well but I didn’t think his record was currently at risk…..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just been looking on google maps to see exactly where you are. Didn’t realise you were skirting around Inverness and going down the West side of Loch Ness. You were almost due East of Portree on Skye at Drumnadrochit. Not far to that first rest day now.


  3. Your lunch really did not look very appetising! Cold potato pie and Babybel. Mmmh?? Is that all Scotland has to offer the hungry walker? Hope you find something more satisfying today! Keep on walking.


  4. Keep going Chris. Ibuprofen for the aches are good. Failing that what about some recreational drugs? The miles will just float by…..
    Disappointing there are no Michelin starred hostelries on JOGLE…..


  5. Hi Chris . Have been reading your daily updates with great interest . I used to find that a pint of “Heavy” used to cure all my aches and pains. Good luck


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