Day 9 – Dingwall to Beauly

Weather: ☀️

Feeling Today: 👍

So Far:  141.41 miles,  44:38 hours

A welcome short day which has allowed me to give my feet a break this afternoon. Another day of road walking, but less busy and through some attractive and prosperous areas. You can just see snow on the peaks from a couple of weeks ago.

Beauly is a smart town – no riff raff (until I arrived!). It’s known for shinty and a game was taking place this afternoon. Looks like a vicious sport, with some of the players amazingly not bothering with helmets.  Shinty starts (and re-starts) with a ‘throw up’. Reminds me of Sunday football for Dave Heather’s Mates … (Btw: Ross County won away today at Motherwell in the Scottish Premiership)

Paul and Rebecca (who are LEJOGging and met Neil and Wendy last week on the West Highland Way) have arrived at the same guesthouse here, so we’ll have a beer and curry together tonight. I’ve already found the best beer at lunchtime …

I see the Rubbish Party has had a councillor elected to East Ayrshire Council, with policies to tackle littering, dog mess etc. I’d vote for them – there’s been a depressing amount of litter by the sides of the roads, especially plastic bottles and drinks cans. The favourite drink of littering idiots appears to be Red Bull and Lucozade. Bloody disgrace!

In response to Sue’s calls for more selfies (?!) and Malcolm’s advice for my feet here’s a photo:


It wasn’t an easy one to get …

My mileage to date of 141 miles is more than I’d estimated at this point in my planning (127 miles). This is down to going wrong, bad measuring and some additional distances for finding my accommodation.  Tomorrow I reach the Great Glen Way (which will take me to Fort William), when I can put my maps and GPS away and follow the signs and other walkers. Just need to ensure you’re on the right side of Loch Ness for the accommodation.

10 thoughts on “Day 9 – Dingwall to Beauly

  1. Ah the Skye Gold. Lay on the floor and lean your feet against a wall – its easier. I wondered if your distances were coming out longer than your route plan, it always happens as inevitably you’re drawing straight lines between waypoints when you plot your route, getting lost obviously doesn’t help. Keep it up you’re going great.


  2. Good to see that amongst it’s other attractions Beauly provides one with a Saturday night curry……we’re ok with no selfies tomorrow…….


  3. Loving the selfies! Especially the acrobatics. Looks like you’re losing weight fast – need to eat more curry and drink more beer! Keep the selfies coming and well done again!


  4. You’ll find the Great Glen Way easy by comparison! Look after those blisters! Just returned from 2 days coast walking in Isle of Purbeck and was thinking of you. Judith


  5. Been doing some research on the old man in the forest. Those that see him apparently develop a liking for salt in porridge, wearing tartan ( usually in the form of a man skirt ), walking long distances solo, lying on their back waggling feet in the air and painting certain parts of their bodies in a nice blue stain. They also tend to waggle a big sword around their heads and speak in some guttural and unintelligible language, possibly Australian.
    Regarding the lucozade and red bull waste I understand these are regarded as energy drinks and are typically used by those requiring an energy boost, a bit like a modern version of Kendal mint cake.
    Long distance walkers may be the culprits.
    Finally, the conspiracy theory still lives on and the feeling is you are actually in Bermuda sunning yourself on a beach and the photos have been manipulated and created by the use of something called photo shopping!
    You probably need to hold a dated newspaper in the next group of selfies.
    I support the need for more beer and curry – can only be a good thing.
    Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks Mike. I suspect cyclists rather than walkers, lobbing drinks to the side of the road as if they’re in the Tour de France. I’m in Scotland, honest – and walking, honest. (I’ve even declined the offer of a lift!)


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