Day 8 – Kildary to Dingwall

Weather: ☀️

Feeling Today: 🕶 👞😳

So Far:  131.54 miles, 41:27 hours

Thank you very much for your condolences and kind messages of support.  Bev and her nieces will be very grateful.

For me, Morangie Forest will remain in my memory as one of those places I received bad news. Navigating through it was difficult and I went wrong several times. So I didn’t enjoy the forest which somehow seems appropriate.
I did meet a funny old chap deep in the woods. It could have been a ‘Deliverance’ moment (and I did hear the opening few guitar chords), but he was nice and desperate to chat. He told me that it was the First Duchess of Sutherland who was the real force and mercilessly implemented the clearances with the Duke’s land agents. The Duke’s sin was staying in London and not knowing what was being done in his name. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t a bad man, but in this case there was a bad woman behind him.

Today’s walk was pretty dull, along minor roads, cycle paths and the route of the old A9, and longer than I’d expected. Occasional glimpses of the oil rigs standing in the Cromarty Firth.

I stopped at the Station Bar in Alness for a pint and a toastie and to read the local election results. Poor old Jezza – he must be going for the sympathy vote on the 8th June ! Not surprisingly it’s the SNP that has the high profile up here.  Along this road the only lampposts with Vote SNP signs were the three directly outside a school. I saw the same elsewhere. Early indoctrination ? – slightly sinister ….

At last I’ve said farewell and good riddance to the A9 as it crossed Cromarty Firth and headed towards Inverness.

And so to Dingwall, a Royal Burgh and home to Tulloch Castle and Ross County Football Club (good trivia quiz question).  I’ve only had a brief wander round but it’s not as smart as I’d expected – more football club than Royal Burgh …

My feet hurt. Two blisters remain – my pee’s obviously not strong enough, Russ – but I’ve bought some cushioned insoles to help my bruised heels. I’m hoping a shorter day tomorrow will help.  Thank heavens the weather is still fantastic!

8 thoughts on “Day 8 – Kildary to Dingwall

  1. Your feet have got a long way to go yet, so don’t hesitate to swap to your trek sandals if you’d like me to post them on to you. Or buy thicker socks.


  2. Chris – sorry to hear about Bev’s sister, whilst no doubt devastating for the family hopefully a release for Sharon.

    Hopefully the shorter days and less road work (?) will ease the feet. Can you switch your rest day to give yourself a complete break earlier. Try laying on your back with your feet vertical to help the fluid drain for half an hour or so. If you want me to bring anything with me next Friday send me a text.


  3. Well done Chris on your first week. A little concerned that you are losing the plot – a lot of ranting and seeing old men in woods and hearing music?? Can we have more selfies please!


  4. Old men in the middle of the forest – very odd. You been eating mushrooms again?
    Please may we see some feet selfies to prove the blister suffering. Obviously not enough beer in your urine.
    Need to see some dated material to prove time and place else all could be photoshopped!


  5. You may remember the Station Bar from the week in or near Alness in the big house the name of which I have forgotten. Sounds like a long day and one to have behind you. Best of British for tomorrow..


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