Day 7 – Dornoch to Kildary

Weather: ☀️

Feeling Today: 😞

So Far: 111.61 miles, 35:05 hours

Today’s walk took me across the Dornoch Firth.

After the bridge crossing – which was ghastly – you leave Sutherland behind, with the statue of the Duke above Golspie still visible.

I climbed into Tarlogie Wood and Morangie Forest. As you can see from the map I went wrong several times on the forest tracks and the day was longer than it needed to be.

It was in the Morangie Forest that I had a call from Bev to say her sister, Sharon, had died.  Very sad.

Sharon was diagnosed with myeloma and amyloidosis several months ago and had received various treatments. Recently she’s been cared for at home by the family and NHS and Macmillan nurses.

Sharon was 59 and mum to Josie and Hattie.

I will miss her mischievous smile very much.

RIP Sharon

Normal blogging will resume tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Day 7 – Dornoch to Kildary

  1. Chris and Bev, came to bed for blog read, and read this, I really am so very sorry, call us if you need us. Guys I’m don’t know what to say.


  2. Chris, we were so sorry to hear this news. Keep strong. We send our love to you and Bev, and all the family. Russ and Sue xx


  3. Just checking after a couple of days: very sorry to hear the sad news about Sharon. Our thoughts are with Bev, you and all family. Love Kathy and Jon


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