Day 6 – Golspie to Dornoch

Weather: ☀️

Feeling Today: 👍🥃

So Far (and for Graham): 94.05 miles, 29:34 hours

A nice day when I didn’t feel so pressured to make progress. It was the first day when I could more or less see my destination when starting out. The small hamlet south of Golspie called Littleferry would be better renamed as Noferry, Ferriless, or maybe Ferry?-yor-jokin, and so today was a walk around the edges of Loch Fleet.

My nice B&B host, Jane, – let’s call her Jane ‘the Liar’ (probably related to Dave ‘the Liar’, adviser to FatBlokesWalking in Cornwall) – told me I’d be able to get from Balblair Wood to the Mound, the barrage that carries the A9 and divides the freshwater from the tidal Loch Fleet; this in spite of there being a traintrack and what looked like a very narrow strip of land … Anyway Jane was sort of right – perhaps she ‘mis-spoke’ or thought I needed more of a challenge ….! Fortunately the tide was out and I did manage to walk round the loch edge and scramble up onto the Mound.  It wasn’t very comfortable though!

After that and over the Mound, it was an easy flat walk along a dismantled railway – nicer after the A9 had veered off southwards – and single track road into Dornoch, passing ruined Skelbo castle and sunbathing harbour seals.  I seem to have missed the golf course and beach

There’s what must be a massive statue of the first Duke of Sutherland (bad guy – clearances, forced labour etc) on the hill above Golspie and I could still see it as I was coming into Dornoch.

Dornoch seems delightful. I was in the Dornoch Castle Hotel when I picked up your message, John! I’m not staying there but with Mrs Miggins just up the road, and I’m unsure if whisky is a good idea …

I’ve not met any other JOGLErs but have waved to a pair of LEJOGers. Also I’ve communicated with Paul, a chap from Wiltshire doing LEJOG who Neil and Wendy met on the West Highland Way a couple of days ago. We were going to compare notes but in fact Paul and I are doing quite different routes.  It highlighted the variety of options and I think that my route, in common with most routes, will probably be unique.
The sun was out so I had the opportunity to sport my new sun hat – I’m thinking Beau Geste, Sir Digby Chickencaesar, Deputy Dawg …?

13 thoughts on “Day 6 – Golspie to Dornoch

  1. Day 6 the best blog, love reading about your adventures. The 3rd Yates member wants to write on your blog, we’ll see.


  2. Enjoying the blog Chris. Definitely Deputy Dawg in the hat. Remarkably good weather; something about the sin shining on the righteous?


  3. Madonna married Guy Ritchie at Skibo Castle – just near the A9 bridge. Well done keep it going. Are you on your own on your rest day in Carlisle on May Bank Holiday? Could arrange a meet as we’ll be returning from Edinburgh.


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