Day 5 – Helmsdale to Golspie

Weather: ☁️ then ☀️

Feeling Today: 🙂

Picked up some scissors (blister surgery/dressing and beard trimming) and Vaseline (don’t ask but it’ll be more effective than face cream) and set off, powered by porridge and a veggie breakfast. One less layer but still my red waterproof to be seen for the road walking and no, no gloves, Chris and Maria!

A walk of two halves today and longer than I’d anticipated – same distance as yesterday.  In the morning it was more of the A9 but with opportunities to walk alongside it rather than on it. I exercised the right to roam and went wrong a couple of times.  You think you’re doing well and suddenly the track disappears and you get greeted by 10ft gorse. I had to retrace my steps.

In the afternoon the sun came out and I got off the road and onto a links golf course at Brora and then along the edge of the sea all the way to Golspie.  Very nice albeit a bit windy.

Nearing Golspie, the route passed in front of Dunrobin Castle, home to the Dukes of Sutherland. Not a bad gaff….

The bluebells are only just coming out up here. (And the daffs are still out).

My first blister is annoying but I’m hopeful that Compeed will sort it. I had planned to wear my big Meindl boots as far as Glasgow but decided to go with a pair of lighter, new but worn in, Merrell shoes. Without rain so far I’m pleased with that decision. Judith, who inspired this walk, did LEJOG in trainers – best to go with what’s comfy.

Golspie’s on the edge of the map so it’ll be nice to dispatch another OS tomorrow in the walk to Dornoch.


11 thoughts on “Day 5 – Helmsdale to Golspie

  1. Are you not peeing on your blister(s)? An old army remedy. If you do adopt this method, it is best not to remove your shoes in the Public Bar in the evening. The smell can become a bit overpowering after a few days of the treatment.


  2. Chris – Just heard of this epic from Clare – and just in time I think to urge you along to Dornoch Castle which carries probably the best range of whiskies anywhere in the world ! You have definitely earned a few drams – -Enjoy !


  3. Chris,
    Good to see you reeling in the 20 milers….I won’t add to the already sage advice on blisters other than to have your pub meal first…..


  4. Look after the feet Chris, don’t resort to any severe surgery. Are you getting them up and giving them an airing in the middle of each day (aswell as having a short snooze – preferably accompanied by a pint). Got the rucksack out today and starting to think about kit – looking forward to it, keep up the good work


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