Day 3 – Watten to Forse

Weather: 🌥🌬

Feeling Today: 😴, and go Joshua 🥊!

A longer stretch today. Dull walking on quiet minor roads; only five cars in the first seven miles. Then busier with people visiting the Cairns of Camster – (I’ll keep setting them up for you, Dave!). That took me due south to rejoin the coast and I’ve finished with my first OS map. I’ll post it home with others when I reach Fort William. The last few miles on the A99 gave a taste of the next couple of days.


Feet are a bit bruised but no blisters and knees are stiff. Pleased I haven’t started faster. Dave’s neighbour in Harpenden, Patrick, did JOGLE in 42 days, running, walking and camping! It was the fastest time last year. But Patrick’s carrying less ‘timber’ than me and he gave me stories of a broken toe and visits to A&E to dress his blisters….

That’s the end of this post.


I need to focus now on the last episode of ‘Line of Duty’.

6 thoughts on “Day 3 – Watten to Forse

  1. Good to see you’re focusing on the important stuff. Mildly dissapointed with LOD, not as heart racing a finish as last seasons but all in all vg. Keep it up and look after your feet.


  2. Indeed, the Cairns are a delightful bunch. Like the Post joke……
    ‘steady as she goes, no broken toes’…..


  3. Following with interest Chris. I remember the bleakness of the road near Camster Cairns. Good luck for the next couple of days. Judith


    1. Thank you Judith. Today – down to Helmsdale on the A9 – has been a tough one and I couldn’t have managed it if you hadn’t warned me what it’s like! My blog for today might bring back memories for you…


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