Day 2 – Nybster to Watten

Weather: ☁️ 🌬

Feeling Today: 👍 and 😀🥂👰🤵for  Abby and Mark

Cut inland today and followed minor roads to avoid as much of the A99 and A9 as possible. So fairly dull walking as you can see:

The only thing of interest was Keiss castle:


I’ve missed Abby and Mark’s wedding today and I told them I would toast them in the Brown Trout in Watten. Here I am with my new friends …


Thank you for all your words of encouragement!

10 thoughts on “ Day 2 – Nybster to Watten

  1. Great stuff Chris, can you please ensure your hair has regrown by the time I join you else I might not recognise you. Just realised what Jogle means, obviously an age thing. Good effort on the pack weight, I wont be bringing my electric toothbrush but I have sucombed to some Leki micro vario poles (strong).


  2. Clearly a warm Scottish welcome from those new friends…..
    You look healthy already !
    I think the dull walking is soon behind you ?


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