Day before the walk starts

Flew up from Southampton to Wick via Edinburgh. An hour’s delay in Edinburgh gave me some extra training time walking round the airport. Bus to JOG which is a dull and soulless place. To prove I was there I did take some photos. The best thing about JOG is the view of the Orkneys which were a highlight on the tour of Scotland that Bev and I made last year. The snow has gone but it’s fresh.

My pack weighs about 17lbs. Getting it as light as possible raised difficult questions like: can I afford to take my electric toothbrush? – (yes), can I bring myself to cut up OS maps? – (no), how many pens is too many? -(3), how much EBR – emergency bog roll – is sensible? – (I haven’t counted the sheets but enough), water bottle or platypus? – (bottle), how many pairs of pants? – (3, one long), did the Dudes shoes make it? – (yes, yellow)

So that’s it. As Malcolm has said, the time for talking is over. The walking starts tomorrow …. 👣

8 thoughts on “Day before the walk starts

  1. Good luck mate, all the very best. Trust you have a fantastic time. Hope to catch you in Wales in a couple of months time!


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